I study Computer Science at Curtin University in Perth, I’ve previously worked as a sysadmin for a couple of years too but it started to bore me, I’m hoping to work as a software developer at some point.

I like to stick my nose in almost anywhere I can while at uni, so I have a job at another neighbouring university, I semi-seriously run for the Curtin Guild in joke parties (I won councillor, woo) and I join most student societies that feel relevant at Curtin, and I’m currently the acting VP for Curtin’s Computer Science Club, ComSSA, where I spend most of my time (and effort), as well as the IT officer for EMAS@Curtin.

I’m mostly excited with software projects involving hardware control and contextual automation, and is what I spend most of my time working on.

You can contact me on irc, I’m aedomsan on irc://ling.comssa.org.au, or by email at me@adamparsons.id.au

I don’t have much public on my repo’s because I’m not particularly great at finishing my projects to a quality that I’m proud of, but here’s what I’ve got so far

My Bitbucket My Github My LinkedIn